RootWorks, LLC......The art of consulting is knowing your impact is a great responsibility




"Sherelle is a fiercely loving intellectual force when it comes to training, consulting and building the field of organizational inclusiveness. I have learned much from Sherelle as a fellow consultant and trainer. She is a truth teller, and one who inspires truth from both her colleagues and clients." Lance Rushton, Morgan and Rushton Consulting

As experts, changing culture starts with a common language. Building literacy that is culturally relevant is the first step in creating social change and developing a strong business.  At RootWorks, LLC, we help you formulate language that translates into ideas your community can understand and adopt.  

The perfect engagement culminates when communities align with the same goal, shared literacy, and effective tools that create movement.  We help to create and facilitate the perfect environment to move what was once an idea into reality!

Beyond direct service, RootWorks, LLC helps to develop your business by crafting tools that align with your vision and mission.  We want to help each and every partner discover how their investment is making a difference.